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  1. New
    River Band with Black Diamonds
    River Band created in hammered oxidized silver with 18k yellow gold and black diamonds (tcw .43)
  2. $1,895.00
    River Pebbles Ring in hammer textured sterling silver and 18k yellow gold.
  3. $1,895.00
    River Pebbles Ring in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold.
  4. $1,995.00
    Midnight River Band hammered sterling silver ring with a light patina and black diamonds by Rona Fisher. Black diamond Sterling silver wavy band, 8mm wide, with channel-set black diamonds. tcw: .9
  5. $1,995.00
    Our River Pebbles Band in Tri-Color 14k and 18k Gold
    Out of stock
  6. $1,995.00
    Narrow Tapered River Pebbles Ring with Trillion Green Tourmaline in two-tone gold
    Out of stock
  7. $1,125.00
    Long Pebbles Band in hammered palladium and 18k rose gold
  8. $1,125.00
    Double cuff bracelet in oxidized sterling with 18k rose and yellow gold all-round pebbles
    Out of stock

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8 Item(s)