March Madness: Press Jewelry Trends

It's March Madness | Rona Fisher in the Press | Jewelry Trends

March has been a fantastic month for Rona Fisher! We wanted to share two press stories written about Rona's latest jewelry collections.

Rona's Custom River Pebbles  Wedding Ring was featured in JCK's Style Spotlight, written by Jennifer Heebner and titled 15 New Diamond Wedding Bands.
In Amanda's Style File: Double-Drop Earrings, written by Amanda Gizzi for National Jeweler,
Amanda says, "Double-drop earrings are one of the top earring styles for 2016." That's great to know, since Rona's Waterdrop Earrings are featured within this story!
We are proud that Rona's latest designs are featured this month!
You, too, can delight in her trendworthy designs featured in the press stories: