Rona Fisher Interview Save Jewelers Row

Photo Credit: Kevin Wohlgemuth

Rona Fisher was recently interviewed by Kevin Wohlgemuth for the Save Jewelers Row Blog. The blog consists of interesting stories of businesses that make up Jewelers Row in Philadelphia, PA.

Jewelers Row is America's oldest diamond district and the 2nd largest in the nation. Unfortunately a suburban developer  wants to demolish six buildings on Philadelphia's Jewelers Row in order to put up a new luxury apartment tower which will forever alter the landscape and displace several businesses. The Save Jewelers Row Blog shares news of the viable businesses that exist on Jewelers Row.

Learn about Rona's story of how she started her jewelry business and about life on Jewelers Row. Rona also discusses her thoughts on the proposed development on Jewelers Row. Enjoy her three part interview from Save Jewelers Row Blog by Kevin Wohlgemuth

Part 1: An Artist on Jewelers Row

Part 2: I'm Always Getting Inspired ....

Part 3: There's a Trust Between Us All....