Rona Fisher's globalDESIGN Debut

Rona Fisher Jewelry Makes 2016 globalDESIGN Debut

Rona Fisher, of Rona Fisher Jewelry Design, will be exhibiting at the globalDESIGN Show in Baltimore, MD, this year for the first time. This prestigious show is limited to 26 artisan jewelry designers curated by award-winning writers and entrepreneurs Cindy Edelstein and Frank Stankus of Jeweler’s Resource Bureau.

The globalDESIGN Show is attended by gallery and fine jewelry retailers looking to discover high-quality handcrafted jewelry made by designers from around the world.

Cindy Edelstein originally created globalDESIGN sixteen years ago, in response to a need expressed by both jewelry shop and gallery owners for a greater variety of luxury international designer jewelry. Unfortunately, due to the recent sudden loss of Cindy Edelstein, she will not be there to facilitate this year’s show. However, Cindy’s legacy and memory will continue to carry on with her globalDESIGN Show.

The globalDESIGN Show is located within theAmerican Craft Council Baltimore Wholesale Show at the Baltimore Convention Center. The globalDESIGN  jewelers are located in aisles 6100-6200. The two-day wholesale show--open only to the trade--takes place February 17 and 18, 2016.

Rona Fisher’s jewelry is a perfect fit for the globalDESIGN Show. The reccurring theme of pebbles in her jewelry, as well as her frequent use of asymmetry with balance, make Rona's designs uniquely different. In addition, Rona’s use of mixed metals, particularly pairingpalladium with 18 karat gold, distinguishes her line from those of other jewelers. The mix of palladium and 18k is prevalant in her Skinny Pebbles Collection.

The globalDESIGN Show is also the perfect location for Rona Fisher to unveil her newest jewelry designs and connect with the nation’s leading gallery owners. As Lorraine DePasque noted in her InStore Magazine article about last year's globalDesign show, “Other big names in fine jewelry have also chosen globalDESIGN to premiere collections, which they’ll build on for the summer Las Vegas shows.”

Rona plans to do exactly that, and is honored to be a part of this year's show alongside 25 exceptional studio jewelers.


American Craft Council Show

6100 - 6200 Aisle

Baltimore Convention Center

Baltimore, Maryland USA


February 17 - 18, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

(open to the trade only)

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