Custom Work: A Tale of Two Couples

Although Rona can create a custom ring for you "from scratch," many of her followers have wanted a customized version of her classic River Pebbles design like the one shown, which showcases a trillion-cut green tourmaline and a round champagne diamond.

Sarah and Jim

Our customer Sarah saw the ring on our website.  She and her husband, Jim, and came to us with Sarah's own ring, which had a triangle cut diamond as well as a smaller round diamond. Here's a photo of her original ring shown below.

After removing the stone to be sure of its exact measurements, the next step was for Rona to use her favorite program, Rhino, to create CAD renderings for Sarah.

The customized design used elements from Rona's classic ring with alterations to accommodate Sarah's stone, which was slightly larger than the green tourmaline. Rona sent the renderings to Sarah in order to get her input into the design.

During this process, Jim decided that he would like a new wedding ring, too! He wanted something that would complement Sarah's ring, but without any stones. He liked the idea of a straight band rather than a tapered ring like Sarah's. Jim's ring was custom designed from start to finish, with an eye towards the design elements in Sarah's ring.

Here's a look at how their rings looked in progress: Once the designs were finalized, it took a few weeks for the rings to be completed.  

Sarah and Jim were very pleased with the results and modeled the rings for us.

Eddie and Marie

Another couple, Eddie and Marie, saw us at a show, where they looked at this narrower version of the classic River Pebbles ring, featuring a blue sapphire and a white diamond:

Eddie and Marie were planning to renew their vows by the sea, and wanted to incorporate a special symbol in their rings--a starfish. When a starfish loses a leg, it grows another one. And this philosphy towards overcoming adversity had been a key to Eddie and Marie's marriage.

They definitely wanted matching rings, and decided on triangle-cut diamonds. Before starting on the designs, Rona procured the stones so she would have the precise measurements when creating the designs. She suggested that the starfish be placed inside the ring. This way it would not fight with the pebbles design--and it would also be like a little secret that only a few people would know about. Eddie and Marie were delighted.

Below is a CAD rendering of their rings, showing the starfish in an alcove inside the shank, as well as a photo of their finished rings:  

One of Rona's favorite aspects of custom design is working with the people who are going to be wearing the rings and getting to know them. "Creating custom pieces is gratifying because even when the piece is based on an existing design, the design evolves through communication and there are always some pleasant surprises," she says.

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