Rona Fisher Inspiration | Primal Elegance in Precious Metals tm

"Each item is a unique piece of art that allows the wearer to share in the energy and inspiration that created it." - Rona Fisher

Rona’s jewelry pieces are inspired by rivers, especially the rush of water over stones, and by the textures in ancient forged iron. Her pieces are characterized by using asymmetry to create balance and a sense of movement. By fusing these concepts, Rona arouses delight in the handmade, creating pieces with a distinctive approach to elegance.

In creating these pieces, Rona says, “I’m focusing on the feeling I get when in nature– particularly near a stream; the smell and sounds of fresh rushing water, bouncing off of ancient rock formations is relaxing and energizing. In wearing these pieces when back in the city, I am reminded  the feeling of balance and energy”.

Our Design Process

Rona's design process, starts with a sketch. Then some pieces are transferred into our CAD program and drawn in 3D, then printed and cast. Other pieces are totally hand fabricated. Each design is created using the best tool.

The parts are then fused, surface textures added by hand, and gemstones are set. All pieces are made of precious metals using responsibly recycled 18k gold and sterling silver, and 14k white gold.

As of January 2018, we have added in-house casting that “allows us to control our precious metals sources. We can now ensure that we are buying our metals only from ecologically friendly and conflict-free refineries,” Rona said.

Our master bench jeweler Lorelie has been with our company for over 9 years; she works alongside sole designer Rona Fisher to create her unique jewelry designs.

What We Do

Rona Fisher creates handmade jewelry using responsibly recycled gold and silver, and lab grown diamonds. We specialize in unique wedding and engagement rings, custom and one-of-a-kind design that is organic with an urban edge.

Rona’s design studio and showroom resides within the Kensington Arts District of Philadelphia. Her award-winning luxury pieces can be found in boutiques and art galleries throughout the United States.

Rona Fisher’s designs have been featured in numerous publications  including JCK Trend Report, National Jeweler’s Style File, MJSA Journal and InStore Magazine.

Rona exhibits her jewelry designs at high end craft shows and luxury trade shows such as; Melee NYC, Smithsonian Craft Fashion + Home, and the Baltimore American Craft Made Show.

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Rona Fisher Jewelry Design celebrates love & equality in all its manifestations; identifies as and supports LGBTQ+.