The Custom Design Process: How we work with you to create your special piece
The process of having a piece made just for you can be very exciting, and also somewhat intimidating. You may be wondering if you’ll be paying too much, or if the designer really understands what you want.

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with our custom work process, so that you understand how we can work together to create the piece that you’ll truly cherish.
Step 1. Deciding on a design direction based on Rona’s collections.
Browse our website and pick a piece or two that you love. You may use stones you already have, either loose or in old jewelry; purchase your own stones or have Rona procure them for you. We will need to have the stones on hand, however, before we begin any design work.
You may want to vary the design, widen or narrow a ring, or come up with a new idea based on Rona’s design sensibility. Rona can give you a very loose estimate of what it may cost; this way you’ll know whether you’d like to move forward.

Step 2. Once the design direction is understood, and the stones are in our possession (if applicable), Rona will create an image and email it to you.

You are encouraged to voice your opinion and ask questions; this is the point in the process where Rona can make changes and show you some variations.
After the final design is approved, Rona will be able to give you a firm price for your piece. A 50% deposit is required in order to proceed. Leaving a deposit means acceptance of the design. There will be a charge for any  re-designing at this point.
We will then start to work on all the details of your piece and buy the raw materials to make it; therefore your deposit is non-refundable.

Step 3. Rona and her goldsmiths are now ready to build your custom piece!
This will take 3 to 5 weeks under normal conditions. Should you be having a jewelry emergency (wedding or gift!) we will do everything possible to meet your deadline, but we may need to charge a rush fee to cover the expenses we incur.

Step 4. Getting your new piece of jewelry to you.
When your piece is finished, we will contact you for delivery or pick-up options.
The full balance is due at this time, including any taxes and shipping and insurance fees.

Ready to Get Started?
Please contact us by calling our studio at 215-627-3848.
You can also send Rona an email at

No question is too small! We’re delighted to help you.

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Appraisals and Certificates

We strongly advise having your diamond appraised if it is over 1 ct. An appraisal is a formal document stating the current retail value of your piece. We recommend having the diamond appraised before it is set. Most insurance companies will accept our receipt for the value of the custom piece (not including the value of your diamond) plus the appraisal of the diamond itself. You may also opt to have the finished piece appraised once your diamond is set.

We will have the appraisal done for you through an independent appraiser for a fee,
or you can have your piece appraised on your own.

A certificate is a formal report documenting all the physical characteristics of your diamond. Independent laboratories (such as GIA) conduct the examinations with specialized equipment to make these determinations. Each diamond is unique, and the certification outlines these characteristics. A monetary value can be assumed from this report, but the certification does not state any monetary value.

The diamond must be free of its setting to be certified.
Some of you may have bought your diamond with its certification. If not, we can have it certified for you for a fee.