Rona Fisher Jewelry

Custom Raised River Pebbles Ring PM


Our customer (and now friend) PM had inherited a beautiful 5.5mm (approximately .65ct) round old miners cut diamond from her great aunt. Along with other diamonds set in earrings and a pendant, and wanted to do something with them. She'd found us online just surfing around and instantly fell in love with our River Pebbles Rings. When PM came to the studio and showed us her diamonds, Rona explained that because of its size. the 5.5mm round was cut deeply and would sit up higher than the surface of the ring. What PM liked so much about the River Pebbles rings is that the round stones are set flush to the surface, thereby, along with the pebbles actually creating a surface of their own. Rona suggested raising the entire ring to allow for the diamonds to all be flush to the ring's surface. PM also likes to have the sides indented so that the ring is thinner and more comfortable between her fingers. She was delighted with the outcome!

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