Rona Fisher Jewelry

Custom River Pebbles Wedding Rings-MD

After seeing our River Pebbles Collection at a show, this happy couple meet us at another show a year later! They had been wanting to renew their vows, and loved the River Pebbles used in so many of Rona's pieces. They tried on several rings, and decided that they wanted the same ring, but that he would look better in a wider version.

The couple had a special symbol which represented their relationship- that is the "starfish." The starfish can survive adversity--if it loses one leg, it simply grows another. The ability to get through challenging times defined their relationship. We decided showing the starfish as part of the design would not work visually, so Rona came up with the idea of insetting it in a protected area inside the ring. The strong little starfish sits in an alcove inside the shank. We were all thrilled at the outcome!

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