Black Diamonds: Trending in Rona's Collection

Ever since Rona introduced her first black diamond ring about a year ago, black diamonds have continued to appear in her designs.

From that first horizontally set pear shaped stone to her Skinny Pebbles Ring with a modified rounder pear shape accented with round white rose cuts—a proven favorite!—to several designs featuring round black diamonds, all of these pieces have gotten lots of attention—from baby boomers to millennials.

Rona chooses rose cuts—flat on the bottom with facets galore on top, making for lots of sparkle—and bezel settings, for an ancient-yet-modern look.

Why Black Diamonds?

With their amazing sparkle, black diamonds are real eye catchers. Because they are opaque, the way they throw the light around is delightfully different from white diamonds. It’s as if the sparkle is all coming from the surface. These gems are chic and sophisticated, as well as being incredibly versatile: they look great with your little black dress or your favorite jeans and T! And they have an urban edge that fits right in with Rona’s design sense.

What Is a Black Diamond, Anyway?

Like most colored diamonds, natural black diamonds are extremely rare—and therefore very pricey! Because of this, the black diamonds that you generally see in jewelry stores—and the ones Rona offers—are genuine diamonds, treated to enhance their color, either with irradiation or heat treatment. These processes are permanent, ensuring that your black diamond will always remain black. Black diamonds are just as durable as white diamonds, measuring a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

What’s New?

One of the newer black diamond designs in Rona’s collection is the Skinny Pebbles Ring with 10mm Round Rose Cut Black Diamond and Grey Side Diamonds . Crafted in 18k and palladium, the ring features a gorgeous 4.9 carat black diamond with brilliant-cut grey diamond accents for an effect that positively glitters.

A fresh new addition to the collection is Rona’s first Skinny Pebbles Duo Ring. Created in 18k rose gold with palladium, the ring showcases a 1.1 (approx.) round rose cut black diamond paired with a free-form palladium pebble, encircled in rose gold and covered with pavé set white diamonds.

"The black diamond was begging to be set in rose gold, and I think it adds a certain understated glamour to the piece,” Rona says. “Pairing it with the pavé instead of a single stone achieves the asymmetry with balance that I strive for in my work,” she adds. These design elements also appear in a series of two pendants, to be unveiled at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas 2016 show.

What’s Next?

It’s hard to say where Rona’s inspiration will take her, but you can be assured that black diamonds are now a stronghold in her collection! Expect to see more of them in the days to come.