It's Almost Wedding Time!

Wedding season is approaching, and I found myself curious about what's trending in wedding and engagement rings. A quick look at what some of the bloggers are noticing revealed that Rona's work is in keeping with a number of the latest trends!

Mixed Metals. Take mixed metals, for example. Almost every ring in Rona's Skinny Pebbles Collection is carefully crafted in palladium and 18k gold--an unusual combination that really brings out the super whiteness of the palladium and is very appealing to the bride-to-be who's looking for something a little different.

Alternative Stones. Another trend is alternatives to the traditional round white diamond. Again, Rona's collection offers a number of choices--like the Skinny Pebbles Ring Set with Pear Shaped Black Diamond and the Skinny Pebbles Ring Set with Pear Shaped Ruby.

Both sets include accent diamonds for extra sparkle! The main stones are bezel-set, adding to the romantic, ancient-yet-modern appeal of these alternative wedding sets.

A Different Angle. Rona's Skinny Pebbles Ring with Diagonal Oval Ruby is featured in two ring sets: the Skinny Pebbles Ruby Stack Ring with Eternity Bands and the Skinny Pebbles Double Ruby Ring Se --which was highlighed in Lorraine DePasque's recent article on oval cut stones.

The two eternity bands, in palladium, add a traditional touch to the organic ruby ring.
Two-stone wedding sets are trending, and this set is a wonderful choice!

Stacking Things Up. Another current trend is a wedding ring stack without an engagment ring with a main stone. Rona's Skinny Pebbles Sapphire Stack Ring with Eternity Bands is another example of a trending style already existing in her collection!

The sapphires and diamonds together make for some very nice bling!

How Hard Is It? Rona is pleased that her work happens to conform with some of the current trends. However, one trend that she doesn't follow is using stones that aren't durable. All diamonds, including the black diamond, are a 10 on the Mohs scale, making them the hardest and most durable of all stones. Sapphires and rubies have a hardness of 9, making them almost as hard as diamonds and very resistant to wear and tear. And the long-lasting stones are symbolic, too!

Art to Wear. Of utmost importance to Rona--more important than following trends--is that each ring be a small piece of art to wear--and to enjoy for a lifetime!