Why We Created Our Own Lobster Clasps

Gold Hook

You may know our signature hook. We’ve been making it for over 20 years! 

Using a special alloy created just for clasps, this springy 18k gold snaps back into place after the receiving ring is pushed through, making it a secure clasp.

I love this clasp, simple, ancient and elegant.

But I wanted to have some clasps that would open and close more easily.

I put aside some time and developed lobster clasps specifically for some bracelets I had been designing.
Lobster Clasps by Rona FisherEach one is made for each individual bracelet.

They complement the links and blend in with the pattern, yet are noticeable in that they are not a mass manufactured clasp, simply added as an afterthought.

Well-thought-out pieces do not include afterthoughts, shortcuts or “nobody will notice anyway” kinds of thoughts. 

The clasp is like an exclamation point.

Besides being fully functional (it must after all do its job) it is the most used, observed, and noticed link in the chain.

The clasp is not unimportant. It’s a detail that makes the piece unique, showing the care that goes into a well designed piece of jewelry.

three Link Bracelets with lobster clasps