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Dew Pond Diamond Necklace

SKU: P8155-1LBD-ss18ky


Inspired by nature, the Dew Pond Diamond Necklace is reminiscent of small ponds in a fields of grass.

What is a Dew Pond, anyway? They are human made small ponds out in the fields so that the animals can come and get a drink. They rejuvenate themselves from the morning dew, always fresh and inviting, mirroring the sky above.

Necklace length 17" long

Metals: 18k yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver chain
Stones: Lab grown diamonds  (.21 ct)
Dimensions: 10.8mm x 8.4mm

Important: This piece is currently not in stock or may not be in your size, but is available for purchase. We would be happy to create or resize this piece for you; however it will take 2-4 weeks to complete and deliver.

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