Second Marriage Wedding Rings | The Symbolism and Sentiment

This time around, couples want to do things their way, and that means finding the perfect wedding rings that speak to who they are as individuals and as a couple. The symbolism and sentiment of wedding rings are very important for second marriages, rather than the idea of a ring as a status symbol.

There is a strong emotional factor that goes into the wedding ring. Some couples love to share their connectedness to their partner with  matching rings or rings in the same family; not necessary matching, but obviously going together. Other couples love expressing their journey together through symbols, shown in Rona’s  River Pebbles Rings  with pebbles that express life’s pathways. Many couples look for a wedding ring with a little more personality, by adding gemstones that reflect their favorite color or birthstone. Second marriages often involve children from previous marriages, so couples consider using their children’s or step-children’s birthstones to help make sure they feel included in the ceremony and in their new marriage.

Wedding rings signify the bond and love for each other for a stable future together with their soulmate. This time around couples have the freedom to do as they wish for choosing their wedding rings. There are no rules for the perfect second marriage wedding ring. So go ahead and have fun, this time around!